Even after saying that she isn’t really jealous of Monica and you will Chandler’s engagement, Rachel believes to possess good “bonus night” that have Ross

Even after saying that she isn’t really jealous of Monica and you will Chandler’s engagement, Rachel believes to possess good “bonus night” that have Ross

Seasons seven

It begin making out regarding hallway whenever Monica guides for the on the them. This leads to Monica canceling the newest festivals off the woman wedding, as she is sick of Rachel taking the fresh new spotlight. (“The main one That have Monica’s Thunder”)

Phoebe chooses to assist Monica and Chandler choose exactly what she gets for them since the a gift due to their engagement. Monica gets enthusiastic about getting Phoebe’s wonders cookie meal. At the same time, due to the fact Joey acquired this new motorboat in the silent auction, Rachel chooses to instruct Joey to help you cruise his motorboat. (“Usually the one To the Proposition, Part step 1”) Ross and you may Rachel concur they need to have seen engagement gift ideas having its Vegas matrimony.

Rachel is actually advertised to Merchandising Manager to have polo shopping at Ralph Lauren, the right position enabling their to hire your own assistant. This is why she suits Mark, their more youthful, beautiful boyfriend (“One Which have Rachel’s Secretary”) who she schedules, despite cautions out of their workplace. She spends the evening having Tag working, searching for important deals to Milan hence she did not publish aside. To save face, she prefers to blame Mark toward error. (“The eastmeeteast main one Where They have been Up All night”) Due to the fact Mark isn’t section of the woman the time future plans, which includes that have around three youngsters, she getaways up with him on her 30th birthday. (“The only Where Each of them Turn Thirty”)

Rachel try represented as which have one thing from a sweet tooth, revealing several cheesecakes with Chandler and even dining the last away from him or her off of the hall floors. (“The one Together with the Cheesecakes”)

Whenever Joey was nominated having a good Soapie prize, Rachel is the only one of your ladies to know what a beneficial Soapie is. Joey encourages this lady towards the honours service, and you will Rachel admits one she uses a shampoo bottle regarding the bath to practice their allowed address immediately after successful a Grammy. (“Usually the one That have Joey’s Honor”)

Rachel are reunited with Melissa, the girl which she kissed warmly back into older year during the college. On account of Phoebe’s disbelief and you will Melissa’s assertion, Rachel kisses Melissa so she would not remove “the main one insane topic she had previously over” away from her. Melissa accidently thinks one Rachel try keen on their and you will she feels comfy enough to show this lady attraction in order to Rachel, claiming, “Oh my personal jesus! You love myself”. Surprised, Rachel denies this lady. Ashamed, Melissa hails a cab and you can offers to Rachel good “hug good-bye?”, Rachel again rejects this lady and you will Melissa departs. Phoebe then kisses Rachel heartily and you can Rachel states; “What the heck is actually one?” and Phoebe responds from the stating “only to see just what most of the fuss involved.”. Rachel asks the way it is and you can she reacts by proclaiming that she is “had top.” Privately Ross and you may Rachel carry out sleep together 30 days just before Monica’s Relationship when preparing the marriage welcomes but concur never to tell someone.

In the morning prior to Chandler and Monica’s matrimony, Phoebe and you will Rachel look for a positive maternity take to from the toilet trash. Phoebe thinks it’s Monica’s, however, because Chandler and you may Monica display their first point in time zooms inside with the a confused Rachel, implying she’s the one who’s got expecting.

Seasons 8

During the wedding dinner, Rachel confesses the woman maternity to Phoebe (“Usually the one Once ‘I Do'”). Later on, she confesses their pregnancy so you’re able to Chandler. Eventually, she says to Ross that he’s the daddy. When you look at the sonogram, she doesn’t see the infant in the beginning. Ross facilitate her and you will she knows that she had seen the infant but failed to see and you can thanked Ross for supplying the blessing to help you the girl. (“The one In which Rachel Says to Ross”). The baby are invented throughout their romantic one-night sit whenever these people were both insecure, being one to Rachel is jealous from Monica’s involvement, and you may Ross had not had sex inside the six months.

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