If you don’t, the guy continues on his go our home of the young female’s moms and dads

If you don’t, the guy continues on his go our home of the young female’s moms and dads

When the afterwards from inside the same festival either one of the pair planned to split new betrothal, they treated each other within the verse, saying;

Like passages have been called “hta thi kwaw” Unless of course an engagement ergo produced is damaged off the same evening, the young man is actually less than obligations to deliver a mediator so you’re able to arrange for the marriage inside a short while. If the guy did not keep his vow, his strength to resist an evil appeal (“so”), manage lapse, in which he create go, it absolutely was thought, towards a decline.

Mom and dad ask just what count is, and then he responses having a beneficial couplet:

Many of these techniques nevertheless obtain one of several Karen about rural hill-country; along with opting for a bride-to-be no step could well be removed as opposed to divination by the customary type examining the brand new chicken bones, but when it comes to new betrothals affected because of the more youthful somebody on their own within funeral service-feasts. It can happen you to definitely an earlier man, viewing an effective maiden who attracts him, says the circumstance in order to his mothers, exactly who accept their choices and you will posting a mediator to help you the lady parents with an offer out of wedding. Because characteristics regarding an excellent confidant are expected sooner or later during the many of circumstances, the fresh omens try consulted and may show positive before he continues towards the his objective.[19-2] In the event that to your his ways he is always to chance towards the something that is inauspicious, including the sliding out-of a serpent across his road, the fresh new barking out-of a beneficial deer, or even the report out of a dying, he’s going to go homeward. The new talk that happens there was carried on in verse described as data of speech and this recommend, but never condition explicitly, the purpose wherein new mediator emerged. Into going into the home, he sighs, perhaps, and you will comments that he’s in the a trying position.

Good “round link” try a log, getting regarding forest a bridge is often little more than a log

The mother and father apprehend that he’s asking for their girl. If you don’t happy to give their in mariage, they could answer:

In case, but not, mom and dad was positively more inclined, but are doubtful regarding exactly who the students kid will get feel, with the knowledge that the caller provides a guy out-of his or her own, it ask your:

Or they can be uncertain on whether he aims his promote of marriage because of their maiden daughter or perhaps the elderly you to definitely, a qualified young widow. So they query your:

The word “flat connection” refers to the younger widow, others for the maiden. A flat link is just one made from planks. The importance of both words because the applied because of the parentes was rare in my opinion, it is at the mercy of numerous interpretations. If there has to be a couple of unily, each other qualified, the parents would ask:

During his first name the mediator does not be prepared to progress far in his negotiations. If the he has been absolutely obtained, the family get kill a turkey and enable him for eating with these people. The guy actually leaves with no knowledge of just what lead could be, and the moms and dads find an early on opportunity to have the concur of their unmarried daughter becoming a wedded girl (“mu pgha”).

Towards their next visit a few days after the latest intermediary will get select the father seated at the front end of the house and probably overhears your call-out with the mother from the one of the girl escort babylon Daly City CA opportunities within this: “Right here happens you to men buffalo. Should we tether your otherwise assist him go?” If the she shouts back: “We could possibly as well tether your,” the guy understands that his suggestion was accepted. Even would be to she reply to the contrary, the new person perform enter the family and shell out their see however, would make no mention of the target of the phone call. That it entire processes depicts besides a beneficial Karen, plus a china, feature regarding character. New Oriental marketing when you look at the secondary steps, instead of are in danger away from saying anything unpleasant.

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